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Is Your Current Job Perfect… or Just Easy?

From time to time we meet with very talented and qualified financial professionals who tell us they don’t need to know recruiters because they are perfectly happy with their current employment. Furthermore, they sometimes express the sentiment that they are “perfect” for the job they already have. Being experienced in the field of staffing, this […]

4 Huge Mistakes Financial Job Seekers Make

Are you looking for a job as an accountant, bookkeeper, or financial professional? If so, it’s possible you’re making mistakes that could ultimately end up hurting your compensation or leave you unfulfilled in your new position. We know this because our work as financial recruiters gives us a unique perspective on the way people look […]

How Big Should Your Financial Recruiting Company be?

When you’re looking for help from a financial recruiting partner, is bigger necessarily better? This is a question new clients sometimes ask in an indirect way. We can understand their concern – in a lot of areas of business, you can get better value from a huge provider than you can a smaller one. However, […]

What Makes a Financial Staffing Company Great?

You probably already know that a financial recruiting company can help you find better candidates for your job openings. However, before you can enjoy those benefits, you have to have a relationship with the right agency to begin with. How do you go about choosing a recruiting service when there so many competing for your […]

4 Benefits to Using a Financial Staffing Firm

In an age when you can post a job opening on any one of a number of employment sites and start receiving resumes from candidates within hours, why would a business owner, executive, or department head need to work with financial staffing firm? As it turns out, there are a number of ways we can […]

What Recruiters Can’t Get From Financial Resumes

One thing experienced executives and department heads love about working with financial recruiters is that we can bring them better candidates. That’s partly because we can read between the lines on candidate resumes, and partly because we pre-screen interviewees before we bring them in for a meeting. The net effect of this is that busy […]

The Pros and Cons of Short-Term Financial Openings

Would you ever accept a temporary position as a bookkeeper, accountant, or other financial professional? Often, people who are new to our network say they wouldn’t. They are interested in full-time job opportunities only. That’s understandable, but it might also be a little short-sighted. As with anything else in life, there are pros and cons […]

Why Experienced HR Teams Love Financial Recruiters

Once in a while, we meet with a human resources manager or department head that is a bit skeptical of the work our financial staffing firm does. They may wonder how we can contribute to the hiring process, or even worry that we are out to replace them. Of course, we don’t want to do […]

3 Financial Job Opening Details That Are Easy to Miss

When most men and women are looking for a job, they consider the basics: where a company is locating, what the position pays, and what benefits are being offered. Those are obviously big considerations and good things to consider right off the bat. However, there is more to a financial job opening than originally meets […]

Why Every Financial Professional Should Know a Good Recruiter

Assume for a moment that you are a happily-employed and well-compensated bookkeeper, accountant, or other financial professional. You like your job, and your career is moving in the right direction. There isn’t any reason for you to get to know a financial recruiter, right? We can understand why you might think that way. And yet, […]