How Big Should Your Financial Recruiting Company be?

When you’re looking for help from a financial recruiting partner, is bigger necessarily better?

This is a question new clients sometimes ask in an indirect way. We can understand their concern – in a lot of areas of business, you can get better value from a huge provider than you can a smaller one. However, when it comes to staffing, economies of scale don’t really work the same way.

In fact, you’re going to get better service, attention, and rates from working with a smaller financial recruiting company (but not necessarily a solo recruiting professional). You could certainly say that we are biased, but real-world experiences backup our point of view.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons smaller is better when it comes to financial recruiting…


This is a Relationships Business

The most important part of our work is maintaining good relationships with both employers and talented professionals. That’s easy to do in a small firm where everyone is involved. Conversely, no one has a “great relationship” with a giant company. When someone is looking for recruiting help for the perfect job opportunity, they want to be able to turn to the right individual. That’s what they get at a boutique firm.


Your Financial Recruiter Needs Two Kinds of Experience

There are really two types of experience that matter for a financial recruiter. The first is related to finding candidates within the industry. We have 18+ years of success stories behind us, and it shows when we work with our clients. The second type of experience is working with your business. A good recruiter should know your company, culture, compensation structure, and other details so they can find the right people for you. You’ll get that service from a small firm, but not necessarily from an industry behemoth.


Smaller Staffing Companies Can Charge a Little Less

It’s fun to visit massive businesses with huge offices in expensive downtown areas. It’s less fun to see your monthly or quarterly invoices from those firms and realize you are the one paying for their office space, furniture, and large payroll. Small staffing companies have lower overhead, which translates into a more client-friendly fee structure for every project.


Your Business Means More to a Smaller Recruiting Company

In our experience, boutique financial recruiting firms tend to work harder for their clients than we have to. Because we stay in business by providing a superior level of service to a smaller number of companies, customer satisfaction is key. We can’t simply run a massive ad blitz every time we want, so we work harder than anyone to ensure you are happy with the results we provide.

When you start looking for help with financial recruiting, it’s because you want better candidates, faster service, and to fill your openings with talented employees who will remain with you for the long run. Those are all benefits that are easier to get from a smaller staffing company than a larger one.

Want to see just what we can do for your company? Contact the AF Staffing team today and let us put our expertise to work for you!