3 Financial Job Opening Details That Are Easy to Miss

When most men and women are looking for a job, they consider the basics: where a company is locating, what the position pays, and what benefits are being offered. Those are obviously big considerations and good things to consider right off the bat. However, there is more to a financial job opening than originally meets the eye.

In our 18+ years of experience as financial recruiters, we have learned that the details that make or break most opportunities aren’t the ones that are immediately obvious. That’s why we help the professionals we work with to get the best fit in all areas of their working lives.

To give you a sense of what that means, and why it’s so important, let’s take a look at three financial job opening details that are easy to overlook…


Company and Department Culture

It’s cliché, but every business and department is a bit like a family. They all have their own histories, individuals, and collective personalities. Two individuals with the same resume might not necessarily fit into the same companies, or be happy with their working environments.

A good financial recruiter doesn’t just know candidates, but also clients as well. We know the personality of each manager and organization we work with. That’s important, because it allows us to match you up with others who mesh well with your style and want to see you succeed.


Opportunity for Advancement

Nearly every employer is going to advertise an opening as having an “opportunity for advancement,” but we all know that some financial openings offer more room for growth than others. That might not matter to you if you’re content to hold your current position for many years to come, but it could become important if you want to increase your pay, skills, and responsibilities in the future.

We weigh both the opportunity within a specific job and a candidate’s ambitions together to help make good introductions. That’s the key to keeping everyone happy in the long run.


Travel, Excitement, and Other “Soft Benefits”

Although a lot of people don’t realize it, there really are a lot of different types of financial jobs out there. Many involve 9-to-5 work at the same office over a number of years, but there are temporary projects that bring extensive travel, specialty openings with fast-paced work and high compensation, as well as other positions with so-called “soft benefits.”

The point is that your lifestyle should match the job you’re looking to take, but it isn’t always easy to read between the lines from a simple employment listing. That’s where a financial recruiter can step in and help.


It’s only natural for financial professionals to focus on the financial details of an available position, along with tangible benefits and perks. However, we would remind you that the right fit isn’t just about the number that shows up on your paycheck – it’s about working in an environment you enjoy and being able to nudge your career in the right direction.


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