What Recruiters Can’t Get From Financial Resumes

One thing experienced executives and department heads love about working with financial recruiters is that we can bring them better candidates. That’s partly because we can read between the lines on candidate resumes, and partly because we pre-screen interviewees before we bring them in for a meeting.

The net effect of this is that busy people don’t have to spend as much time getting to know potential new hires. We help them evaluate and understand job seekers in ways that go beyond basics. While things like education, qualifications, and job history are important, there some things you simply can’t get from financial resumes, such as…


A Sense of the Candidate’s Personality

Do you want someone who is steady and even, or high-energy? Is your company culture one of light humor, or serious bottom-line measures? Because we meet with financial professionals all the time, we can get a sense of their personality and which openings they might be right for. You can’t get those kinds of insights from a resume, which could make it easy to hire the wrong person.


Whether an Applicant Has “Soft Skills”

There are many qualities you might want in a financial applicant that wouldn’t necessarily show up on their resume. For instance, you could prefer someone who has a certain management style or is great at delegating tasks. Or, it could be that writing, time management, or other “soft skills” are integral to success in your position. It can be difficult to determine whether someone possesses these qualities from a resume, but a good financial recruiter can help you find the perfect person.


The Ambition of a Financial Candidate

Ambition is an important quality in a new hire, and something that doesn’t get discussed enough. If you want someone who is looking to advance, then it’s important not to bring in an employee who’s content with their current job. Or, if you need someone who will stay put in their position for years, it doesn’t make sense to recruit a professional who dreams of making it to the corner office. This is another area where a good financial recruiter can help screen applicants and find the perfect fit.


A Candidate’s Reputation in the Industry

A huge advantage we have over business owners, executives, and department heads is that we are always recruiting. That means we get to know the types of financial professionals others like and admire even when they aren’t looking for work. No applicant is going to give you a list of references that will give you the unfiltered truth, but a financial recruiter knows who the up-and-coming personalities in the industry are.

Each of these factors is critically important to finding the right person for your job opening. And, it’s important to remember that your ideal candidate might not even be actively looking for new opportunities at the moment, anyway. Put those facts together, and you can see why working with an experienced financial recruiter can make life so much easier.


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