4 Signs You Need Help From a Financial Staffing Firm

Do you need financial staffing company to help you bring in temporary professionals or fill permanent positions? A lot of our clients don’t think so until they realize just how many ways we can make the recruiting and hiring process smoother. In other words, they don’t know what they want until they see what they’ve been missing out on.

From our perspective, it’s sometimes easy to spot companies and executives who could definitely use a little bit of assistance. To help you understand why – and to see the benefits our team can offer you – let’s look at four glaring signs you need help from a financial staffing firm…


#1 You Have Lots of Financial Short-Term Job Openings

It can be difficult or nearly impossible to fill short-term financial positions of quality candidates without the help of an expert recruiter. That’s because getting good people who are willing to work on a non-permanent basis requires not just an understanding of the field, but also a long list of existing contacts. If you need team members who can step in and contribute right away to help address a tight deadline or tough situation, call the professionals.


#2 Your Company or Department is Experiencing High Turnover

Usually, when a business is going through a lot of financial professionals – regardless of whether they are in the C suite or at the bookkeeping level – it’s because they aren’t interviewing the right candidates to begin with. Of course, a good financial staffing firm can help by making better introductions. Because we deal with issues of recruiting, placement, and compensation every day, we can help find candidates who will stay in their new jobs for the long haul.


#3 Your Human Resources Department is Overwhelmed

Even the best and most efficient human resources department can get overwhelmed. That’s particularly true when they need to hire financial professionals, who have their own set of specialties, qualifications, and resume acronyms. However, accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management jobs can’t go unfilled; the costs to the company are just too high. We can help by bringing in better candidates who are able to start in their new roles immediately.


#4 You Need a Financial Professional With a Distinct Specialty

The narrower you get in your search to fill a financial opening, the smaller your list of available candidates is going to get. However, recruiters maintain large networks, including lots of individuals who aren’t actively looking for new jobs. When you have a need for a particular type of specialty or experience, we can often help you find the perfect hire even if they wouldn’t have responded to any of your job postings.


Just because you haven’t gotten help from a financial staffing company in the past doesn’t mean we can’t help you now. Contact our team today to learn how you can get access to financial recruiting experts who can make the hiring and on boarding process easier than ever!