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Staff logic helped me obtain my current position. I worked closely with Justin Hook during the pre employment process. The process was smooth and painless as Justin made sure to communicate with me and the employer on a daily basis. He was very accommodating and followed up often to ensure I was being taken care of. I would highly recommend using staff logic if you are currently looking to be employed.

I interviewed with Heather approximately 3 weeks ago. I am starting my first assignment on Monday. I had specific requirements to what I was looking for so it took a little while to meet those specifications. I appreciate not being put into a position that would not fulfill those requirements. My meeting with her was very comfortable and assuring that they wanted what was best for me and the companies they fill positions for. I will follow up at a later date to confirm that I chose the best option to meet my goals.

Justin Hook help tremendous with assuring I got the job with a great company, by contacting the recruiter and keeping me updated.

I have the pleasure to work for Staff Logic. I moved out here not having a job. Heather was the first person to reach out to me and worked on getting me a job. Working for an amazing company. The best I ever worked for truthfully. It’s honestly nice meeting people who are so genuine.

If you are reading this review and are looking for work, you likely have been contacted by many internal and external recruiters. For the most part, my experiences with these recruiters were not good. Although I ultimately found a job w/o going through AFP/Staff Logic, I found Justin Hook to be very helpful, responsive and candid about my qualifications and efforts to find work.

I had the pleasure working for Staff Logic when I moved out here on my own. Heather was the first person to reach out to me and work on getting me a job. She literally had my back through the whole 90 day period.  You’d think you were the only person they were taking care of that’s how good and personal those ladies are. I was definitely blessed to start my journey out here working for this company!

This staffing agency is great. I worked with Justin who helped me land a direct hire full time role within 2 weeks. Justin kept me informed on the process and made sure I was properly prepared for all aspects of the position. Highly recommend their service.

Great place to go if you need work. They will work with you find some suitable jobs for you. You can work for a certain company to see if you actually would like working there, gain valuable experience, and get paid!

I was looking for a better job while I was working and I applied for a position via indeed. Justin from Staff Logic reaches out to me and let me know that my qualifications matches the Customer Service position in which I applied for. I told him what I was looking for and I told him what I wanted which was a stable work schedule mainly. My previous job had me working random shifts each day and sometimes they’d change the schedule last minute and I’d be late or miss my shift. I needed a permanent schedule. Well Justin gave me the information about the position and told me that the schedule is full time and permanent I just had to be open with the times they would schedule me. Whatever they schedule me will be permanent and won’t flunctuate. I agreed to that and he told me the next steps which was a typing test and interview. I followed instructions and passed the typing test. He set me up with an interview with the company that was hiring (not with the staffing agency like a lot of staffing places do). I had a great interview and Justin told me he would hear from them soon. Before I received the offer letter Justin told me I was hired. I was thrilled! It had happened so fast and I never got a position so quick without the hassle of not knowing if I was hired or not. I actually start work tomorrow morning plus I have He weekends off! Thank you so much!!! I definitely recommend this Staffing Agency to anyone needing a job. Good luck everyone!

I am very pleased with this company. The recruiter was very outstanding. Want to give a shout out to Justin he made sure he communicated with me through the whole entire hiring process. Any questions or concerns I had was answered in a timely manner. Once I got to training the training department was very professional. Shout out to these outstanding people with great knowledge about the skills we need to preform our job. They were really great by accommodating certain life experiences that came up in our personal life.