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We make your business easier to manage.

Our comprehensive approach to screening and qualifying candidates is efficient and successful because we take the time to understand the needs of your business and culture.

At your convenience, we come directly to you and spend the time to learn about your specific requirements. We know that every opportunity and every company is different, so we will work to ensure that our services are customized for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire requirements.


Find out why our candidates consistently rank us the best in Arizona.

Direct Hire

We provide the best and you make the selection.

Staff Logic is trusted by Arizona businesses to find the best candidates to fill all internal positions from Call Center, Front Desk to the CFO. Our long-term relationships with local and national associations provides us with continuous referrals and access to exceptional talent that is not easy to find.

Your HR Department can take advantage of our direct hire expertise. We have extensive and specific industry experience, software knowledge, or unique skill sets to find you the perfect candidate. We can have discreet and sensitive conversations with professionals who want to find a new opportunity.


Ramp up your staff efficiently.

Our best hiring model when partnering with organizations looking to ramp up staff or have continuous staffing needs.

This model has helped companies save thousands of dollars or up to 50-60% in recruiting costs by hiring directly and reducing attrition due to the temporary staffing model which offers no guarantees. Our clients are given a FREE replacement with our Flat Fee Model  guarantee!

We have been utilizing this model of staffing since 2007 with our high-volume staffing clients.

* Call Centers have seen the greatest cost savings by using this model.

Temp to Hire

Evaluate your employee’s performance first.

We understand the pressure, risks, and enormous time investment it takes to add new employees to your company. You may need to first assess the true needs of the department with a flexible option that temp to hire can provide.

The benefit of vetting candidates on the job allows you the choice and ability to hire and do it quickly.  Candidates also get the chance to experience your company’s culture to determine whether the position is a fit.  Staff Logic works with both sides to sort out the details.  It’s what we call a win-win.

Temporary Hire

We have the solution to that open position.

Your department may need one or two core professionals at any given time or an extra twenty people. Workloads fluctuate, employees may get promoted or move into other areas.

Contracting a professional, who is fully vetted and prepared to hit the ground running is efficient and can save you a ton of money. Temporary staff is also an excellent way handle the extra work load at a moments notice. You also receive  the opportunity to try a new professional before making the decision on a new permanent position.

Industries Served

Staff Logic will take care of all your staff requirements from top to entry level positions in the following focus areas:



Staff Logic Legal Jobs


Staff Logic IT Professional Jobs and Careers


Staff Logic Medical and Healthcare Careers


Mortgage and Banking Jobs Arizona


SL Higher Education Jobs


SL Government Jobs

Career Positions

  • Call Center Representatives
  • Call Center Supervisors
  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Mailroom Clerk
  • Data Entry
  • Bilingual Customer Service Rep
  • Government Administration
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Executive Management
  • Higher Education Specialist
  • Mortgage / Banking
  • Human Resource
  • CTOs

Other positions offered through our sister company


Service Benefits

  • We offer flexibility by using project staff and the ease of access to top tier talent in the job market

  • We fill most requisitions quickly and efficiently to reduce your cost per hire

  • We follow up continuously to ensure your 100% satisfaction

  • We take time to truly understand your business culture and needs

  • We staff Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria and all other metro areas

  • We check all candidates with supervisory level references, focusing on the most recent and pertinent

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I feel that I was truly listened to and treated as a valuable accounting professional. They worked harder and got better results than anyone else in the valley!



Browse through our frequently asked questions from clients.

Countless surveys indicate that the primary reasons that companies choose to partner up with a staffing firm is the flexibility offered by using project staff and the ease of access to top tier talent in the job market. Staffing firms use a variety of tools and networking that are focused on building long term relationships with the best talent, resulting in a pipeline dedicated to filling long and short term vacancies with the most qualified employees. Recruiters are technically trained to find specific skills sets and to see many of the red flags that differentiate the best candidates from the rest. Staffing firms maintain a database of active and passive candidates, and can fill most requisitions quickly and efficiently, thus reducing your cost per hire. Let’s not forget to mention how stressful it is to fill an opening!

Staff Logic is a locally owned Small Business Enterprise that has been leading the way toward innovative, cost effective, ethical and customer service focused recruiting in the Phoenix metro area since 1999. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, WBENC, The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and the Arizona Small Business Association. We offer competitive benefits to our candidates, effectively improving the quality of life for them, which in turn increases the chance that they complete long term temporary projects.  Our strong focus of providing the best service makes us one of the top temp agencies in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas.

Our skilled and experience recruiters have a one on one meeting with each and every candidate that represents Staff Logic. The interview begins with going over the work history, followed by situational/behavior scenarios, long and short term career goals, and ends up with setting appropriate expectations for how we will work best together. We offer advice and training on the interview process, we explain the process of temporary, temporary to hire and direct hire employment situations, and we answer any questions to give our candidates the best tools to be a success candidate in the job market. When necessary, we screen candidates for specific skills and can evaluate them on their technical expertise. We reference check each candidate with supervisory level references, focusing on the most recent and pertinent. We have partnered with a local firm in Phoenix for background screening, and have on-site drug screening to expedite the process of compliance.

Temporary employment indicates a solution for a specific, time sensitive need, such as a vacation coverage/FMLA or a project such like a system conversion or month end close.

Temporary to hire affords the company and the candidate the opportunity to try each other out prior to making a 100% commitment. When you hire an employee temporary to hire, it should show you what you can expect down the road. The major benefit of this option is by the time you are ready to add someone to your payroll, they are already trained, you know whether or not they are reliable, and you know if they are a fit for your organization or not!

The Direct Hire option allows the company to work with a staffing firm to find the best possible candidate for an immediate hire. The benefit is that you can tap into the professional resources available to a staffing firm, and get a guarantee on the placement.

That is going to be up to you. For a temporary or temporary to hire position, many of our clients take advantage of the fact that we have met sometimes 10-20 people before finding the candidate that we present to you. This is one of the ways that we can save you time and money. The interview really is the first few days, where you are able to determine if the candidate is the right fit (call us about our 8 hour guarantee). For a direct hire position, we highly recommend taking the time to interview the candidates you find appropriate, and recommend that the line manager takes the time to meet with the candidate as well.

Response time varies on the nature of the position. Some of the more technical positions will take more time to resource and re-screen candidates. For most positions, we can have multiple candidates presented and available to start immediately within a few hours!

The major benefit of using a temporary or contract employee is tapping into a resource for a very specific project that is not immediately available with your current talent pool, knowing that once the project is over, you can return to your current staffing level while minimally effecting your P&L. You can effectively reduce overtime, over-stress, and maintain a positive working environment for your permanent staff.

At Staff Logic, we pride ourselves on that fact that we foster long term relationships with our clients and our candidates. We make it a point to contact you the first day of the assignment to make sure everything is going as expected. We will follow up with you on a regular basis to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the placement, and take the time to contact our candidate as well to provide up to date feedback and constructive criticism. If things are not working out, immediately contact your recruiter, and we will take a detailed description of what was missing in the candidate, and make sure we find a valued replacement. It is our goal to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service.

Every placement is different… we do not work with a rate sheet; rather we work with individual candidates and individual corporations. When we take a job order, we will discuss your budget, long and short term expectations, and will present to you a bill rate that will encompass all costs, that will work within your budget.